Plastic is today used beyond control and with scarce information of its consequences, therefore an interdisciplinary art- and science project is needed.

Art, love, politics and science
Our relation to plastic is incongruent and complex. It was once looked upon as a valuable material restrictively used for the production of precious objects to be kept for a long time. Today plastic is frequently considered an eternal resource for mass produced disposables. Yet our love for plastic remains. Its seemingly endless possibilities to reform still gives it a shimmer of magic. We use it for literally everything. Our approach though, may alter from transcendental to disgust, from love to hate, within a blink of an eye. The very notion of plastic implies a mind boggling ambivalency- a gap between extremes. 

According to French philosopher Alain Badiou, art, love, politics and science are the four elements, which can punch a hole in our existing knowledge to reach our inner core, our void, where new truths can bloom.

LAUNCH OF RE believes it is time to re-evaluate plastic and that an artistic perspective is essential to bridge that gap between logic and emotions. 
What if- just what if plastic might be the trove of the century?