LAUNCH OF RE is always looking for new donors.
The donated plastic will be registered, analyzed and transformed into art.
Your plastic donation is a precious gift.

LAUNCH OF RE: sees your efforts and engagement as a great contribution to the project and your plastic donation as a precious gift. 

You are always welcome for a coffee and a biscuit at the RE:STORE Café, address Smidesvägen 6, Solna Business Park, every Wednesday from 16.00-18.30.

For more information, please contact: Karen Froede, LAUNCH OF RE: Mobile: 0735-45 45 30 or Åsa Lindholm, FABEGE: 073-387 18 65.

What does a plastic donor do?

As a plastic donor you will contribute to a deeper the understanding of plastic use by:

  1. Collecting literally all the plastic you and your family members consume over four months. 
  2. Leaving your plastic to the RE:STORE
  3. Being interviewed on two occasions- one at the start-up and one in the end.

Details on how to collect plastic.

  1. Use a large plastic bag and put it in a bin (tell us if you need an extra bin)
  2. Collect all “household” plastic that you otherwise would have thrown away (both small and large). Skip: used toiletries
    Examples of household plastics: packaging, toys, disposables, computers, electrical machines, fleece, nylon stockings, old shoes, inflatables etc.
  3. If possible please separate the plastic from other materials
  4. Dishwash the plastic until it is free from any smell or stickiness.
  5. Let it dry
  6. Put packaging and small items in the bin
  7. Leave the sack and large items at the RE:STORE Café, Adress: Smidesvägen 6, Solna Business Park.
    OPEN: Wednesday evenings from 16.30 to 18.30.
    If you cannot make it to the RE:STORE Café please call the plastic collector:
    Mobile: +46-70-4995508.
  8. If you have large plastic items- please save them too.

Plastic bottles are of separate interest.

Plastic bottles will be used for a performative art-piece titled: “Dive”.
After the art-performance the plastic bottles will be given to charity.

  1. Prepare a separate sack for the bottles
  2. Rinse out the bottle from smell and stickiness
  3. Let it dry
  4. Screw the lid back on
  5. Put it in the bin
  6. Leave the sack with plastic bottles at the RE:STORE Café, Address: Smidesvägen 6, Solna Business Park. OPEN: Wednesday evenings from 16.30 to 18.30.